Want to list your event on MenPlayLA.com? I can help your party be a huge success! Please read all of this...

My advice for first-time hosts

Organizing a sex party is a HUGE amount of work. Even a small party. A few things to consider: The hardest part is promoting it and answering endless emails and text messages about it. Plan on only half of your RSVPs to actually show up; the rest will flake. Pool parties are a huge hit. Hotel parties are easier to organize than house parties. Free alcohol is an attractor; so is food. Make sure your guests are all at least 18 (or 21 if there's alcohol). I would not for two seconds even consider having underage guys at a party. Also, if you try too hard to make your first party only for "super hot" guys, it can be done, but you are more likely to struggle for attendance. Charging admission for a new party that nobody knows about is likely to be a deterrent. The enormous parties like CumUnion, Team Pig, NastyKinkPigs, DenLA, and the big pool parties require teams of guys (many of them paid) and experienced leadership who plan way in advance and who bust their asses during the party to make sure you have fun. A successful sex party isn't necessarily a huge one, but it's one at which everyone has fun and feels comfortable.

When selecting a date for your event, look at the calendar listings on MenPlayLA.com and get a feel for what else is going on the same day. I'm going to be honest, if yours is a first-time party, planning an event the same time as CumUnion, Team Pig, DenLA, and any major singleton events like Pride, Off-Sunset Festival, or a Cher concert at the Hollywood Bowl will likely hurt your attendance. Fetish and specialty parties are definitely welcome; I list events for enthusiasts of spanking, toy play, water sports, bukakke, and many other kinks. Also, I'd like to list more events in Long Beach, Orange County, Santa Monica, and the beaches.

You need to know

I only list all-male events where guys can expect sex or at least nudity (such as nude yoga or a naked pool party). I do make rare exceptions to this.

I usually do not listing gangbang events.

I do not list events that come across as your own hook-up ad.

I do not list events that advocate PNP/illegal drug use.

I do not list events that promote prostitution or sex trafficking or any illegal activity.

I do not list events that say "HIV neg only" or "STD-free." Why not? Please read "Are all the guys HIV negative/STD free?" section on my Attending a Sex Party tab.

MenPlayLA does not organize, plan or work for any events on this website, nor invite anyone to any of them. They are listed here as a convenience to you. MenPlayLA does not tolerate or post events promoting or engaging in prostitution, sex trafficking, illegal drug use, or any other illegal activity.  If you suspect or know that any of the events on this page promote or engage in these or any other illegal activity, please notify immediately to MenPlayLA@hotmail.com. 

You, as the host/organizer of your event, are solely responsible for the content provided in your listings and for the events themselves and for their venues.

What does it cost to get your event on MenPlayLA?

I list all events on the calendar of the home page for free! This includes the date, time, and other basic information. I do this as a service to the community.  I tweet about them a day or two in advance. These are free services as well. 

Narrative text in italics about your event is added if you are a paid sponsor of MenPlayLA. Paid sponsors also get their graphics tweeted for extra exposure and attention.

The poster graphics on my sponsors' page are paid advertising. Please contact me for my reasonable rates for this awesome increased exposure! My advertisers renew their sponsorship over and over again because they are happy with the results!

How to get started

When I started this site in 2016, I was listing 5 or 6 events per month, but now I'm listing between 50-70 per month and this site takes an extraordinary amount of time to maintain ... and I am happy to do it, but I need organizers to communicate efficiently with me and to read this entire page. I only list events on my site that I can feel confident my readers will enjoy, and new events (both small and large) are always welcome! I would probably want to attend one of your events so I know what I am listing.

To get started, please email me at MenPlayLA@hotmail.com with the following.

(Just copy and paste these into an email to answer them. Super easy!)

1. Introduce yourself to me in some detail please. You can send me your face picture so I know who I’m talking to. You don't have to, but it helps.
2. Tell me about your interest in hosting an all-male event.

3. Is this your first time hosting? If not, please tell me about your past hosting experience.
4. I only list events that are well-organized and where I know my readers will have a good time.  How are you planning to ensure your guests have a good time?
5. Do you have a website or social media page for your event?
6. How have you been (or do you plan to) attracting guests?
7. How long have you been doing these?
8. What is the space? A home, a rented facility, a hotel, etc.?

9. What part of town will this be in and will you charge admission?
10. How many guys usually attend or how many are you planning for?
11. Who is your target audience (age, “type,” scene, etc.)?
12. Please tell me the dates and times of as many of your upcoming events that you have already scheduled.
13. How did you hear about MenPlayLA.com?

14. Do you understand that I will not list events that promote or appear to promote illegal drug use, prostitution, sex trafficking, underage attendees, or any illegal activity?

I look forward to working with you and helping your party be a hit!